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At All Stars ABC™, we believe a strong education is the foundation for success in life.  We are committed to the educational growth of our students. As part of this commitment, All Stars ABC™ has a comprehensive tutoring program serving students in grades K-12.  Students will have the option to be tutored in their current academic subjects working in conjunction with their teachers to be able to best help the student progress. All Stars ABC™ also offers tutoring for reading and phonics for our early learners, state assessments and SAT or ACT college entrance exam preparation for our older students. 


(Ages 3 - 7)


Mini Stars is a parent-child participation program. The parents are the ones teaching, playing and most importantly, bonding, with their child.  Parents learn positive parenting skills in addition to learning how to be excellent sports parents. We utilize the Start Smart Program, created by the National Alliance for Youth Sports, to help kids get ready for sports and succeed in life.  Our Program uses an innovative step-by-step approach that builds confidence and self-esteem in a fun and safe sports environment.


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Take your team to the next level by improving your players' skills and knowledge of the game! During a team training session, players will be put through a series of drills to improve their individual skills and also their knowledge of team play. Coaches may request certain skills be worked on or even ask with help drawing up new plays for the team to run in games. Our professional coaches will work side-by-side with the team coach to help the team be the best it can be. Group must provide gym. Pricing  is dependent on location and length of practice.



All Stars ABC™ Skill Sessions are for boys and girls basketball players of all skill levels in grade school, middle school and high school. Our sessions are designed to develop their skills year round. We encourage our student athletes to participate in all three of our skills sessions throughout the year, held during spring, summer, and fall. This program is geared towards improving basketball fundamentals and specific skills over a prolonged period so that players can take what they learn each week and work on it prior to the next week’s workout. Basketball players who are seeking the most complete solution to elevating their game, who want to gain the edge over the competition, and who have a desire to reach a goal, must take advantage of our All Stars ABC™ Skills program..


No One Does What We Do!

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In addition to on-court training and development, All Stars ABC™ is also dedicated to preparing you for your basketball future and your life after basketball.  While many basketball players and families are playing in hopes of one day receiving a college basketball scholarship, many know that only 3.3% of all high school players in the country can play NCAA DI, II or III every year.  Athletes that make it to that level must be elite, which requires doing what elite athletes do.  Proper sports nutrition, including hydration, diet, sleep and supplements are not only essential, but required.  Even then, you will not make it on athletic talent alone that is just the pre-requisite.  It will also require achievement in the classroom, and a stellar attitude, including coachability, extreme competitiveness, an unsurpassed work ethic and a passion for the game of basketball. 

By providing the educational tools and resources necessary to enhance not only your future basketball opportunities, but your college opportunities without basketball, All Stars ABC™ goes above and beyond any other basketball training program in Central Florida.  Through our ACES Nation membership, every eligible player participating in our programming  will receive a minimum of a $1,000.00 private college scholarship to over 340 private colleges and universities in the United States, not for their athletic or academic skills, but for their participation at All Stars ABC™.

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Our camps offer technical basketball instruction, intensive drill sequences, and guided game situational play from former international players and proven coaches. All Stars ABC™ camps highly refined training methods seamlessly translate from the practice court to game competition.


Utilizing professional coaches, All Stars ABC™ strives to be the premier youth organization in the states and overseas.  We provide our youth with the opportunity to experience the fun of competitive basketball while improving their basketball skills and learning life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment, determination, fair play and responsibility.

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