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We offer many types of tutoring services for students in grades K to 12.  Our tutors provide services including early learning, phonics and reading, homework and school specific subject help, test preparation, and study skills and organization of time and materials.  We will tailor our programs to your child’s specific needs.  Our tutors will travel to your home, library, university or study area close to your home as needed.   All of our tutors have been carefully screened with background checks and their references have been verified.   Our tutors have excelled in school and enjoy giving back to their community by assisting other students in need.  Hashi Richards, Esq., President of All Stars ABC™ was a former Tutor of the Year and Teacher of the Year in Miami-Dade County and realizes the importance and impact an excellent tutor can have on a child’s learning. 


Early Learning, Phonics and Reading


Study Skills and Organization


With our society truly becoming a global society, we are seeing children in other countries surpass children in the states in reading and writing.  We will work with your child to give him/her a head start in their learning.  Statistics show that first-graders who are poor readers continue to be poor readers for the rest of their lives. It is imperative to offer instruction  earlier than first grade or as soon as immediate interventions is deemed necessary.  According to the United Way, the statistics suggest that out of 50 first-graders who struggle with reading, 44 of them will still be struggling in fourth grade. Our tutors at All Stars ABC can help your child learn effective reading strategies that will help prevent them from failing in their literacy education.

We work in conjunction with your child’s teachers in order to best assist your child.  We will focus our efforts to align with Florida’s state common core standards.  With your permission, we will receive weekly progress reporting from your child’s teachers to ensure he/she is progressing properly and successfully.  Soon, you will see that your child will be more efficient in completing their homework and projects and will be able to devote more time to studying for the big exams.

Does your child struggle to stay on top of all of the homework assignments, due dates for projects, and exam dates? Are his or her school folders and papers messy and disorganized?  Worry no more. Our tutors can assist your child in developing organizational strategies to sort out their school work, develop an effective calendar to mark important due dates and test dates all which will result in peace of mind for both you as the parents and your child most importantly.

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