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Basketball Training Services




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Private Skills Training With A




There is no faster way to improve your game than private skills training with a proven professional player. Each individual athlete will undergo an Introductory Evaluation to determine existing strengths and weaknesses. A customized workout plan will be designed to maximize the player’s abilities and address his/her specific needs.  All areas of the game of basketball are incorporated into comprehensive workouts. Emphasis is placed on the individual player’s skills that deserve the most attention.  A session typically lasts one hour and is packed with specific drills to fit each athlete's individual needs. Parents and athletes may also request to focus on certain skills, and the program will be tailored exactly to your needs in each area.
Introductory 1-Hour Session: 50% OFF

Introductory 1-Hour Session: $20 (1st visit only)


Continuing Training
1- Session: $40
5-Session Package: $170 (15% Discount)
10-Session Package: $300 (25% Discount)


Note: 10-session package can be paid in two payments ( 1st and 6th session)


Call 407.641.7176 or e-mail us for more info and
to schedule for your first training session


Multi Player/Small Group Workouts

(2- 6 players)


Taking a similar approach to private skills training, small group training places 2-6 athletes of the same skill level together. Although players are grouped according to skill and ability, individual skills are still the main focus. All Stars ABC™ Coaches use the variety of strengths and varying levels of skill represented within a group to facilitate the individual athlete’s progress within the framework of a competitive environment. A small group allows for competitive drills including both 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 game situations. For example, the pick and roll, high-low situations, and many other game skills can be honed in this setting. Athletes can sign up as a group or be placed by our staff based on age and skill level.




Two - Six Players
1- Session: $25 per player
5-Sessions: $100 per player 
10-Sessions: $180 per player 


Call 407.641.7176 or e-mail us for more info and
to schedule for your first training session

Skill Sessions



Have your player work in a group setting with other players and learn from professional coaches that will help them with their overall basketball skills and knowledge of the game.

ALL STARS's Skills & Drills Program Offers Fun Packed Skills and Drills for the Basketball Court Coupled With Life Lessons for Off Court. Train with Central Florida area PREMIERE Skills Training Program. Our program focuses on PLAYER & SKILL DEVELOPMENT:  Conditioning, Shooting, Ball Handling, Offensive Movements, and Defensive Concepts.







1- Session: $10 per player
5-Sessions: $42.50 per player (15% Discount)
10-Sessions: $75 per player (25% Discount)


Call 407.641.7176 or e-mail us for more info.

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