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Mini Stars
Sports Development Programs

Ages 3-7

Did you know that 49% of children do not have the basic skills necessary when they enter organized sports?


Did you know that over 70% of kids will drop out of organized sports by the
age of 13?


Do you want to spend more quality time with your child? 


Studies have shown that nearly half of youngsters do not have the basic skills necessary to enter into organized sports, which could lead to low confidence in their play, or even dropping out of sports altogether.
Also at this age, children are still developing their motor skills and are too young to participate in organized sports.


Welcome to Mini Stars which is the newest parent-child sports participation program. Parents are the ones teaching, playing and most importantly, bonding, with their child.  Parents learn positive parenting skills in addition to learning how to be excellent sports parents.  During our Mini Stars sessions, children and their parents go to different stations where they practice exercises that help them develop motor skills and sport fundamentals to help prepare them for a smooth transition into organized sports in the future.  



What are the Benefits of Participation in Mini All Stars?


  • Builds confidence and self-esteem in children

  • Fun and positive early experience in sports

  • Helps prepare kids for future sports participation

  • Helps prepare kids and parents for specific sports

  • Quality time together for parent and child

  • Helps parents learn how to support and teach their child


Mini Stars will feature six different sports in the 6 week sessions.  They are basketball, football, baseball, tennis, lacrosse and soccer.

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