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  • $1,000.00 SCHOLARSHIP!EVERY eligible student athlete receives a $1,000 merit based scholarship to one of currently 344 private colleges in the United States through ACES Nations just for signing up to be a member of All Stars Are Bright.

  • Discounts to training sessions & other all stars activities

  • MENTAL ASSESSMENT USED BY THE PROS - Athletes between the ages of 8-11 take the 'Learning Styles Assessment' and athletes ages 12-18 take the 'Sports Assessment'.  Seniors in high school have the option to take the 'Student Life and Career Assessment'. The results focus on decision making patterns and behavioral styles both as an athlete AND as a person.

  • FREE SAT/ACT PRACTICE TESTS 24 hour access to tutors, educational videos, admissions and financial aid, plus more

  • Attend our Saturday group tutoring/homework help sessions $10 hr. Or Discounted 1-on-1 Tutoring $25 hr.

  • Definitive sports nutrition guide

  • All Stars ABC Basketball Triple Threat T-Shirt 


All Stars ABC™ goes above and beyond any other youth sports program in the country.  Through our ACES Nation membership, every eligible student signing up to become a member will receive a $1,000.00 private college scholarship to over 340 private colleges and universities in the United States, not for their athletic or academic skills, but for joining All Stars ABC™. Through continued  participation in our programming that student will be eligible for additional scholarships up to four (4) $1,000.00 Scholarships throughout the year.






Along with your membership each individual a will receive a Free Evaluation by former professional player JaJa Richards or one of our certified coaches to determine existing strengths and weaknesses. A customized workout plan will be designed to maximize the player’s abilities and address his/her specific needs. Private workouts or group skill sessions are then scheduled.



The most important component of All Stars Are Bright is helping every student shine bright in the classroom.  we believe a strong education is the foundation for success in life.  We are committed to the educational growth of our students. As part of this commitment,  along with your membership your student will receive a Free Educational Tutoring assessment by a Florida certified teacher.

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