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Coach Sydney Is Going To Africa!

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All Stars Are Bright is proud to announce that west coast director of programs Coach Sydney Haydel has been selected to supervise the Leading Youth Sport Development (LYSD) 2015 Basketball Promotion Week program in Togo Africa. The topic of the 2015 (S)He Got Game Program will address the issue of gender inequality.

Coach Sydney will follow in the footsteps of previous distinguished guests such as Jacques Vandescure (San Antonio Spurs) and Franck Traore (NBA Africa), Sydney has a rich amount of international basketball experience having worked for the NBA in China and the Jr. NBA in India. She is dedicated to working with international basketball programs, and instantly said yes to the proposition to work with BPW in Togo. This is a great opportunity for Coach Sydney and for the youth of Togo. Last year three LYSD participants took part in the NBA’s West African Development Camp and two other participants entered the African Leadership Academy, based in Johannesburg, South Africa

Coach Sydney will be in charge of the girls on the basketball playgrounds and she will train LYSD educators in order to create a basketball program specially designed for girls for the school year 2015-2016. She will also mentor and create exchanges with the male participants so as to change their perspectives on gender equality. 

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